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  1. Hey CHG, Your transcript is all pass/fail right? and what's the passing percentage?
  2. Result: ACCEPTED!!! Timestamp: 9:00-ish am 2YRS: 3.96 (my cGPA was embarrassingly low -- so Queens definitely gives you a chance to grow, mature and show how you've grown to be the person you are today! MCAT: 130/128/129/129 ECs: I think it was pretty well-rounded - but nothing mind-blowing (at least in my books). MMI Interview: I liked the content of what I said, but my delivery was all over the place! I was so nervous. Panel: I got pressed on certain things, but overall it was a great 15 min In-person or Virtual: Virtual Year: post undergrad Ge
  3. Result: Accepted to London campus Timestamp: May 12th, 0900-ish 2 yr GPA: 3.96 MCAT: 130/128/129/129 Interview: Some of my responses I was happy with, but many of them I absolutely hated and would do very differently if given another chance.... but I guess it was good enough Geography: non-SWOMAN ECs: several very long term commitments, health-related work and volunteer activities. Everything I did I loved. A bunch of advocacy stuff that is important to me. Some poster pres & oral Pres with one publication in a student journal (nothing special) with one man
  4. I got my Panel Invite!!! Woohoo! I also don't have a time. I guess they'll let us know later.
  5. Hey, from what I understand it's ABS + Reference Letter (or whatever they're called this year -- the answers your 3 references submitted in october). Either way... it's just a waiting game at this point... We're so close guys!! Half-way through the week
  6. Aw, I'm sorry to hear that... That must be making this process even more stressful. We'll let you know when invites come. I'll post here, so that if you haven't received an answer... you can email them about it (maybe put URGENT or something like that in your subject line). I imagine whether we're waitlisted or get panel interviews we'll know either way by Friday hopefully.
  7. Yes I got the same email too. 4 days left until we know about panels!!! (I assume end of week is Friday)
  8. I sent an email asking whether ALL of us who interviewed on the second weekend will be notified of any updates (e.g. panel invite or waitlist) or if it'll just be the candidates receiving the panel invites that will get notified. I'm waiting for their response. Will update when they respond to me.
  9. Hey, I'm not sure. Maybe they'll wait until all panels are done before they start looking at the whole group?
  10. I don't know guys. I feel like it'll take longer and I have a feeling the May 12th deadline isn't necessarily going to stand given everything that's going on right now. I hope I'm wrong and it happens earlier, because I don't feel very good about my MMI and am super anxious to see the results.
  11. Hi Everybody, Since Queens has now stated that only the people who have scored high on MMI + FIle Review will get a Panel Interview, I thought I would start this thread. Please post the date/time you receive a "Panel" Interview Invite. I emailed and asked when that would be and they could not even give an estimate, therefore I thought maybe we could use this thread to keep each other up to date. Thank for participating! Please stay safe!
  12. Are the laws of independent assortment and independent segregation the same thing?
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