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  1. How much could a family doctor make doing locums in rural areas? For example in one of the rural locum programs in Alberta or BC? What would be the best strategy to maximize earnings in these cases?
  2. No they will look at most decent years like it says on their website. Multitry is wrong.
  3. Not sure that’s true as for upper year pharmacy students their gpa would be included in calculation as dal looks at most recent years gpa.
  4. How could they submit their pharmacy degree grades if they hadn’t started the program by the time applications are due? Yes that is correct, it doesn’t seem they’d be ok with a second year pharmacy student because that first year grade would be part of gpa calculation.
  5. If they had done a previous undergrad and are first year pharmacy now.
  6. Dal updated their website regarding who may be eligible/not eligible to apply. “Successful applicants who are enrolled in an undergraduate program in progress at the time of application, and have submitted this degree for eligibility and GPA calculation, will receive an admission offer which is CONDITIONAL upon the successful completion of their undergraduate program by Jul 1st of the year of entry into the medical program (ie prior to the start of the medical program).”
  7. That would be 45 credits so they would take your most recent 15 credit hours before that.
  8. The thing most people are missing here is that it is not all about you. They also have to think about other applicants including those who have already graduated and didn’t take classes this semester. The policy makes sense to me as I’m pretty sure most people taking courses this semester will have inflated GPAs due to exams being online (can’t control cheating). I know people who had 60-70s on their in person midterms and then put up a 95+ on their final because it was online. Of course you want GPA to be counted because you had the luxury of open book online exams. If the Covid 19 situation
  9. New poll has been made with better score ranges for oop. Go vote!
  10. The last thread had too low of a range and doesn’t provide much information for those oop above 72 points.
  11. This poll should be updated with more ranges above 72 considering so many out of province have higher scores. Say 72-72.9, 73-73.9, 74-74.9, 75-75.9 etc up to 80+
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