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  1. Hi!! They said it themselves! But Im pretty sure it's over now :/
  2. Hello! Has anyone received a rejection letter ? They say they are not done with their admission process yet, does that mean if someone was not interviewed but also not rejected, they may still have a chance?! So confusing! Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, Congrats to those who got interviews, if you'd like, please go ahead share your stats! (GPA, IP/OOP, etc)
  4. Thank you for explaining. My ranking was pretty low and I am certain that CASPER played a major role. That is why for this round, Ive been practicing quite heavily and for sure can tell why I ranked low. It is 20% so basically all of our life experience on CV is equated to the half of our performance on CASper exam. :| About the number of seats, I heard the same thing but I am unsure about the details!
  5. Will they release the rankings mid june ? i really want to learn more about your stats if you were interested to share because im wondering where you could improve. To me, your application looks very good !
  6. Thank you for the link! Yes actually i have ppl there but for sure the chances are super low so probably would never apply!
  7. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows about California med schools specifically and if there is a good chance Canadians would enrol? Or should we not bother applying ? :/ Thanks in advance!
  8. Also I applied through the addas website so maybe it's because of that.
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