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  1. Hey guys, does anyone know the process for someone to come back to Canada work if you get your physio degree in Australia? What is the degree of difficulty to do this (process of working in canada or US with an AUS degree)?
  2. Do you know anyone who has gotten in to Sydney or UWA with a 19 AA and 21PAT?
  3. Has anyone here got into an Australia Dental school with a 19AA 21PAT?
  4. Im pretty torn between that or losing weight but I would say so haha
  5. For the short essay in regards to greatest accomplishments, I was thinking about writing about me overcoming my academic struggles in university , is a good topic to write about?
  6. I have similar stats as you and similar canadian dat scores (19AA 21PAT), I am also applying to the US currently. Currently looking into Buffalo, USC, and BU!
  7. does anyone know how i can get a DENTPIN? I wrote the CAD DAT so we don't have a DENTPIN but also when i try to request it, it keeps telling me to put what DENTAL school i got to (i clearly am a pre-dent)
  8. I am currently applying to US schools via ADEA AADAS and I was wondering for the Canadian DAT input, what should I put for the MDT part as I didn't take it? It doesn't let me put "0" or "did not take"
  9. Has anyone applied to US schools from UBC? If so what courses did you use for the phys and ochem requirement?
  10. Should piercings be removed for interviews or does it not matter? I currently have studs on both ears (male)?
  11. Has anyone done a 5 year undergrad as opposed to a 4 year? Does this reflect poorly on an applicant? Also do P/F course reflect poorly as well?
  12. how important is it to memorize every organism detail under each category? (ie, fungi-like protista/animal like)
  13. Did UBC remove the admission statistics? I can't seem to find them anymore
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