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  1. I'm a second year kinesiology student planning to do a masters in OT at either Western, UofT, or Queens. My grades are mediocre. To better my application and resume do you guys think doing a certificate related to OT can help with my application? I know the grades I get from my certificate won't count towards my GPA but would it make me stand out more? I'm thinking of either doing Certificate in Disability Management at University of Guelph or mental health/ addictions certificate at Ryerson (Both are taught online). Not sure which would be a better fit. Any advice would greatly be appre
  2. Anyone who has applied and gotten in to a Canadian OT program recently, can you please list your grades so it can help others. Applied: Accepted: Waitlisted: Rejected: GPA: cumGPA: subGPA: Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references/volunteer:
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