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  1. I sent my MCAT score on Aug 3rd and it still says on OMSAS that it hasn't been received. Is this happening to anyone else or should I resend? I sent the scores to OMSAS and UBC on the same day and UBC has updated my score on my application about a week or two ago.
  2. I sent me MCAT score on Aug 3rd and it still says on OAS that it hasn't been received. Also not received on OMSAS, and both were sent on the same day. Is this typical for these schools or should I resend?
  3. I inputted all 60 CHs from my third year and fourth year grades + Master's course grades (2 courses with grades) in Section 2a. From my understanding, Dal will round GPA to the nearest tenth, so I think my total should be 3.9. Am I missing something? Just a side note, my undergrad year 3 GPA is exactly 3.80, year 4 GPA is exactly 3.81, and graduate program GPA is exactly 4.0, so it should give me 3.867 that would round up to 3.9? Undergrad Year 3 GPA 3.8 Undergrad Year 4 GPA 3.8 Graduate Program GPA 4.0 Total GPA
  4. Does anyone know the email for Dal MD admissions? Can't seem to find it on their website. I wanted to email them about the 30credit requirement, as I have a 29-credit senior year. This is because the university I attended created the program I was in as such.
  5. Thanks for the responses! I think Im in the minority but I wish I had less than 120 credits because dropping 15 credits from my worst year would benefit me a lot more than dropping the entire worst year. One of the cons of having a GPA that has been the same for all 4 years, my OGPA and APGA differ by 0.1 lol
  6. Can anyone confirm if im interpreting the new AGPA policy correctly? Last year, they removed an entire year if you qualified, including any courses that helped your GPA. With the new modification, it says up to 30 credits removed in your worst year given you have at least 120 credits. Does this mean that they will only remove the grades (up to 30 credits) that are dragging down your GPA in your worst year, while keeping the ones that are helping your GPA?
  7. I think so too. Since there are many applicants who do better in their later years, this would significantly disqualify many applicants this upcoming year who previously met the cutoffs
  8. Yep, I can confirm. I emailed adcoms too and they said they will be using the cut offs from last year for this upcoming cycle: cGPA of 3.85 for Ontario applicants and 3.87 for out of province applicants
  9. TIME STAMP: March 16th 2020 11:28 AM PST Interview Date (MD or MD/PhD): MD Result: Regrets cGPA/wGPA: 3.93 MCAT: met cut offs ECs: Good mix - <5 awards of academic excellence and research grants ($10K+) from uni and high school, 1 first author publication, 2 presentations at national conf, research (3300 hours), event/charity coordinator for underprivileged kids x2 ($3000+ raised), club execs at uni (3 years), high level sports since age 16 (>2000 hours + national tournament placing 2nd) + major injury (surgery + 1 year rehab), hobbies (sports - now rec, culinary
  10. Hey! Do you still have the Picard and Lee book? Where are you located/do you ship?
  11. Has anyone sent their MCAT scores to OMSAS more than once in one app cycle? I want to send my score from last summer now, and then send it again post Oct 1st when I get my score from the late Aug sitting... kind of as a precaution if I somehow did worse in my latest sitting (in this case, would it be okay to not send these scores if for example I don't meet cut offs? My MCAT score last summer is fine, just wanted to increase CARS)
  12. If you've got extra time on your hands while helping @microwaveoven, I would really appreciate some help too! I'll also provide some financial compensation in return!
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