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  1. I have a 3.9+ and a 507 MCAT. Aside from having good ECs and good essays, will my MCAT bog down my chances for UofA this cycle? Thanks, CT
  2. Hi all, I'm from Alberta and here my GPA is around a 3.9 and I can improve that further as I go into my third year. However, for OMSAS, my GPA in first year is a 3.8 and second year is a 3.9. In third year I'm hoping to get what would be a 4.0 here in alberta, and get a few A+'s to get above a 3.9 so my wGPA for most schools would be a little over 3.9. I'm not too familiar with what a competitive OSMAS GPA is for Ontario schools and was wanting to get an opinion on what my chances are with a hopefully ~3.92 GPA by the time I apply in my fourth year for Ontario Schools. Than
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