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  1. Looking at the stats from previous years, the lowest MCAT accepted was 503 which means some people can make up for the low mcat score with their GPA, Casper score and more importantly the interview. I personally would suggest applying for couple of reasons 1) you never know it might work out, 2) if you get an interview invite it would be a good practice for your following applications. 100 dollars is not much compared to how much the whole process of becoming a doctor costs, but it depends on your individual circumstances.
  2. Good morning everyone, I am a Med2 who's becoming more and more interested in interventional radiology. I was looking for insight/advice from members here. How concerning is the turf war in IR with other specialties? How do you see the future of IR? I have read about the potential for expanding IR to have a clinical model of practice, but is this something that's already underway in IR or or how realistic is it to happen in the future? Also, anyone has experience with the integrated IR programs offered in the US? I know it is the same length as in Canada (6 yrs), but having an
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