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  1. Ahhhh thank you this is, sadly, helpful lol does McMaster have special streams?
  2. Hello! Im an in province (Ontario resident) student and scored a 123 on CARS (their minimum requirement) and 3.0 GPA (their other minimum) but I scored in the 75-100th percentile for CASPER and have a MSc so Ill have the 4% grad bonus.
  3. Thanks! My undergrad GPA is below average but my masters is a 3.9 so I kinda ruled Ottawa out for that reason. Do you think I should still apply?
  4. Hi! Casper gives out the scores now and I scored in the 75-100th percentile so I'm really trying to narrow down my school choice to the ones that place a lot of emphasis on this test. I havent got my MCAT back yet but I only expect it to be average and my GPA is also average. I have a Msc and 12 peer review publications so I'm really trying to find a school that values research and the Casper test and doesnt just rule out GPA and MCAT before moving on to those things. Thanks in advance!
  5. I rescheduled my exam and it did not charge me to reschedule. I'm worried I did something wrong and there might be an issue when I go to write the exam. The AAMC portal says the correct reschedule date though.
  6. I was told we would be informed about where we ranked in last years application process.
  7. That will explain why I havent heard back from MUN med and theyre usually pretty responsive lol. Thanks so much Are you writing it this summer too?
  8. The deadline to write the mcat to apply to mun is August 14th. Test dates are now all booked until after this deadline and with COVID its not feasible for me to fly anywhere and write it. Why is the deadline for mun so early this year? Do you know if they will be flexible and allow a few days after the deadline??
  9. Reject. IP Time stamp 2:30 EST. Was told my CASPer was average but I had a Low CARS score so didn't expect much. I have a masters with 3.8 GPA and about 8 first author publications but I think this isn't even looked at at Mac so I didn't expect an interview. Good luck to everyone else!
  10. I have an extensive research background (10 first author publications, MSc, 30,000+ in funding, etc). I found out that some med schools don't "really care" about this but put more emphasis on GPA (figured) but also volunteering and work come before research. My GPA is okay but not competitive - that made me think that I should try for a MD/PhD instead where it is viewed more in my favour. What schools have a separate pool for MD/PhD applicants? I don't think I am a competitive applicant if I am competing against other MD applicants but I might be in a smaller pool with just MD/PhD applicants?
  11. At Carleton you can take ten additional courses once you've graduated and they will count it as a second degree. I'm planning to do this but not if schools wont count it as a second degree?
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