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  1. Rheum and Endo numbers actually look pretty good over the years.
  2. How competitive are Rheum and Endo and is there a decently high chance of going unmatched despite doing Rheum/Endo research since medical school, getting strong letters, and applying broadly across the country? I have heard that Rheum has been getting more competitive over the years.
  3. Strange things indeed do happen. I am IP in Alberta. I got rejected post-interview at Calgary and waitlisted at U of A. Accepted to Mac as OOP though because of my high stats. High MCAT (especially CARS) is very helpful for applying to OOP schools.
  4. No idea. My friends prepped for CASPer pretty hard too. Also, they knew that U of A essentially treats verifiers as references, so they chose verifiers carefully. The U of A gives zero indication as to how it selects applicants pre and post interview. For all we know, it could've just been due to randomness or their applications didn't vibe with the file reviewers.
  5. Make sure your ECs are above average and write about them well. My friend had a 3.83, 516, and a 6/17 activities score (IP average EC score for interviewees) and did not get an interview this cycle. My other friend who also did not get an interview had around the same GPA and MCAT, but a 5/17 activities score.
  6. No, I think I was automatically removed from the waitlist when I accepted another OMSAS offer earlier this week. I just wanted to update it on here.
  7. Just wanted to let everyone know that I have removed myself from the waitlist. My creation time was 7:39:14. Best of luck!
  8. I don't think the 98/99xx is related to being 130 or 131. I'm 130 and 99xx (IP, no offer yet).
  9. Can someone who was accepted (IP) check when their acceptance letter was created? You can check through document properties. People on the waitlist are trying to see if the timestamp of the letter is related to ranking.
  10. Good to know. When was your acceptance letter created? You can check through document properties. We are trying to see if the timestamp corresponds to ranking.
  11. My document title is 11-130 and was created on 5/6/2020 at 3:47:21 PM.
  12. I'm OOP and waitlisted (3rd quartile). I won't reject an offer unless I get off the U of A waitlist.
  13. Were there any OOP here that got waitlisted?
  14. Thank you for this! I'm pretty sure there will be 50-60 people in total on the waitlist who will get offers according to CMES. OOP waitlist moves faster than IP.
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