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  1. Hello! Looking for some feedback or advice on the non-maritime statement. What are some things that successful applicants have written about? Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  2. Looking for someone who wants to prepare for the MCAT with me. Located in Toronto. Could also discuss questions through calls. Message if interested.
  3. Is anyone still interested in forming a group?
  4. Would you recommend a high $$ award, that is presented automatically based on GPA, or an award of zero monetary value, which involves some application.
  5. Hello Everyone, For the four essay questions - do you know where I can find the word/character count requirements and where to submit? Thanks
  6. Hey Everyone, I was wondering whether anyone has some insight as to which types of awards should be highlighted on the application, since there is a limit of 5. Like would you recommend listing an older award of higher value, or a more recent award of lower value? Thanks.
  7. Hello! I have practiced various CASPer scenarios and am looking for someone to provide me with feedback on what I have written. I would like to know if I am approaching the questions correctly. Thanks in advance.
  8. Anyone near UofT want to prepare for the CASPer together? I was thinking of creating a study group where we can go through CASPer like questions and provide each other with feedback.
  9. Wondering whether there are any accepted students willing to provide feedback on my application materials? Thanks in advance.
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