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  1. You’ll have a chance to submit the unofficial transcript and input your individual courses/marks on Part 2. The address for you to mail your transcript should be given to you upon submitting your Part 1 app.
  2. As an allied HCP, I also have clinical rotations I am adding to my ABS and adding on the ‘Others’ Section for all the different rotations I did. I’m personally adding them as separate entries and only the ones where I’m still in contact w my preceptors to verify it for me and ones I thought made an impact on me.
  3. FYI - This years BPE questions are out now. What do you guys think? https://applymd.utoronto.ca/non-academic-requirements
  4. I wonder if it has something to do with the wGPA on the last column? Since it's so close to 3.85...just a speculation
  5. Just inputted my grades and can confirm that my 3.67 rounded to the nearest tenth of 3.7
  6. Hi, Can anyone confirm if a 3.67 in one of the last 2 years gets rounded up to 3.7 (nearest tenth) to meet cut-offs? I've read in a few sub-forums that they round to the nearest tenth but not sure if applicable to cut-offs. I've also e-mailed Dal Med two weeks ago to confirm but no response. In this same vein, does anyone know if they also have an unofficial cut-off for OOP GPA and MCAT before proceeding to read your essays? Is it even worth it to apply as an OOP (last 2-year GPA is 3.74, 3.67). Any insight is appreciated!
  7. You mentioned a "home city" so I'm assuming you're an OOP applicant. Was wondering if you don't mind sharing your stats and if being in the navy helped you substantiate ties in the martimes. Also, as a repeat applicant, what do you think made the difference this year for you to finally gain that elusive med school admission (as an OOP no less!)
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