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  1. Thank you for the reply. I was wondering if I could then use shortened words/abbreviation in the club name (e.g. undergraduate --> UG or undergrad instead) or would that look too informal?
  2. There are a couple of clubs I've been exec in that have long names. They also have acronyms but obviously the admission committee probably won't know what they stand for. Since the ABS title is very limited in characters, should I put the full club name in the description? The issue with that, however, is I have less space to put down what I did, skills gained, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Does anyone know if English writing courses count towards the humanities/social science requirement? Also, I've taken a course called "Latin and Greek in Scientific Terminology" offered by Classics Department and I was unsure whether this would be a language course or humanities course (I would argue it's more humanities since we learned about etymology rather than learning grammar, writing, or literature in the course). I am thinking of taking another humanities course this upcoming academic year, so do you think it's safer to put that course as my pre-req in OMSAS rather than the above
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