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  1. Just wondering if there has been any undergraduate students who have been accepted into UWO dentistry with an 85-86% in their best two years?
  2. Hi everyone! I'm very interested in both the medical and dental fields and I am currently trying to decide see which of these two would best suit my personality. I know that dentistry offers more flexibility (both as an associate/owner); however, I'm not quite sure how the hours are like in the medical field. Does it depend on the medical speciality/location of practice? If so, is anyone aware of the approximate required hours per week? Which specialities allow for greater flexibility and which do not? Do certain medical specialists get to choose their hours at all or is it already set fo
  3. Hi everyone! I'm thinking of pursuing a Master's degree (1 year) and applying to Schulich dentistry after it. I was wondering whether any bonuses are given to those with a graduate degree (course-based)? Thank you!
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