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  1. yeah they offer free consultations- you can talk to a med expert that's a currently a medical student- highly recommend
  2. I recommend booking a free consultation with AppCondenser (www.appcondenser.com) - they'll help you out big time
  3. AppCondenser worked wonders for me, highly suggest you check it out!
  4. Has anybody deferred or declined their seat before/after the first instalment? Hanging on by a thread here guys
  5. In years past, has there been any waitlist movement in August for western?
  6. Does anybody know what westerns format will be for the fall semester? Do we have to live in London? Or can we get away with staying home for the first semester ?
  7. Just wanted to provide you guys with this! The Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Admissions Office would like to let you know that our office will be closed from 1:00PM ET on Friday, June 26 until 8:30AM ET on Thursday, July 2. The closure applies to the entire Western University campus community. Have a great week guys!
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