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  1. I GOT MY OFFER TOOO at 12:19 PM!! I'M SO EXCITED TO MEET EVERYONE AND BEST OF LUCK TO THOSE WAITING! You got this I know the wait sucks. I hope you receive great news soon.
  2. I'm toward the end of bin 1 at 9:07, do you guys think I should still be hopeful of getting an offer or it is highly unlikely for us too?
  3. Thanks so much for the reply! Hopefully we make it soon The uncertainty makes u feel so stagnant. Logically, I should start studying in order to get it done before next cycle applications but mentally it's so frustrating! Congrats to everyone <3 That is a huge accomplishment!! Time to celebrateee
  4. Hey guys, when do you think we will clear bin 1 if we do? I'm so indecisive about starting to study mcat... we're sooo close so the motivation to start is almost non existent for me but I feel guilty
  5. I saw somewhere on this forum someone said the minute is more accurate in terms of ranking rather than the exact second. Does that mean if we also got our email at 9:07, we have around 50% likelihood? Or do you believe the exact second puts you at a 5% drop below chocobun?
  6. Wait I'm confused now, so bin 1 is only the first two people? Does that mean if we were at the end of the old bin 1- we likely won't get an offer?
  7. Hey I wanted to add my stats for the list! I got the good waitlist Time received: 9:07 (I think the created time was 9:07:19) English stream GPA: 3.93 Can someone let me know if this means I am in bin 1 or 2? I'm debating whether or not to retake the MCAT while I wait but the uncertainty is messing with my motivation... I'll need to retake it to apply to other schools next cycle if I don't get in
  8. For those of you who have taken (or are taking) ENGL 211 at Athabasca University, did you have Virginia Gillese as a tutor? If so, do you have any advice for me? What things does she look for etc. I would really appreciate your advice Thanks in advance.
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