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  1. Someone last year seems to have received an MD/PhD interview 6 days after the first ones had gone out (https://forums.premed101.com/topic/107242-uoft-interview-invitesregrets-2020/?do=findComment&comment=1155134), so hopefully you hear something tomorrow or the day after
  2. I"m not trying to raise your hopes, but you must remember that the calculus has changed. The "2 weeks prior" rule was when there wasn't a global pandemic on our hands. Now there is, so the rule may have changed, because they may have been busy trying to figure out how to deal with this and how to conduct interviews amidst all this. Do I feel confident that I'll get an invite after I have already received no offers from the three other schools that I applied to? No, but do I still think that there are more offers to come? I think so, but I could be wrong
  3. I would have been inclined to agree with you a few weeks ago, but considering that it has a high mortality rate in seniors and with reports that apparently people can be asymptomatic carriers, I would have to kindly disagree.
  4. My thoughts as well. They probably have the stats from previous years showing how many students cancelled in previous years and could give out rejection according to that
  5. Also, what's worse is that if more people get interviews after today, they're putting these kids at a disadvantage than the kids who got interviews way in advance of their interview dates and more time to practice as a result
  6. Talk to uoft admissions about it and explain your circumstances. then, most probably, they will let you know what their policies are and what they can do for you. I have dealt with them in the past and they seem like really understanding people. It's better to talk to them directly because they are involved in the admissions process.
  7. I have a question. Shouldn't the room number be 2045 as that is the room number of admissions (link: https://med.uottawa.ca/undergraduate/admissions/information-applicants)?
  8. I am just applying for my first time as well, so I won't comment on your changes, but how come you're rewriting your mcat? Your scores look really good in my opinion, because I think you met the uoft cutoffs and could meet western non-southwestern cutoffs, but I could be wrong.
  9. Hi RiderSx, Thank you for your advice and for encouraging me to evaluate why I actually want UofT.. Even though UofT is my dream, I will still be applying to the other Ontario med schools (except NOSM cause I don't think I could survive in Sudbury lol). The reasons why I would like to go to UofT is because of prestige, its close proximity to home (I'm from the GTA) and because it partners with hospitals that I have always dreamed of working at (Sunnybrook, Sickkids). However, rmorelan did make me realize that my love for Uoft because of prestige is flawed as rankings themselves are flawe
  10. Hi rmorelan, Thank you for your feedback and for giving me more to think about. It is true that UofT is my dream school because of prestige, so thank you for pointing how the flaws in the ranking system and the fact that there is little differences in quality between the Ontario med schools. Another reason why UofT is my dream is because it is close to home. I wish you all the best in your fellowship.
  11. Hey Vivieeeeeeee, Thank you very much for your encouragement and advice. Regarding international volunteering vs local, my friend also said something along the same lines: even though I am not leaving Canada, I am helping my local community. For the essay editing, the only person I know is my family doctor who graduated from there five years so I should start trying to get more people at UofT to edit my application. I hope you have a great weekend
  12. Hey Meridian, I am new to this, so I hope that you receive my reply. Thank you for your advice. One of the biggest mistakes I made when I applied for the Mac Health Sci program in grade 12 was that I did not get other people to edit my application. Regarding my CARS score, I remember getting so sad once I saw it last September. I could have rewritten it this summer, but I didn't, because I wanted to focus on my research so that I could improve my ECs. Hopefully I get in this cycle so I don't have to worry about it ever again lol. Have a great weekend
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