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  1. Hahah oh of course when I looked into it it was insanely cheap!! I will definitely check it out to see if they have any Saturday courses thank you so much!
  2. @Dodo thank you for the suggestions! I looked into heritage college and actually called them but they won’t let me take the courses out of sequence, so I would have to actually complete all the program courses to get the ones I need. They also reserve spots for students who don’t already have a degree. i haven’t looked into any of the Montreal CEGEPs though, that seems like a huge burden to drive 4 hours multiple times a week for class. How did you find doing that in general?
  3. Thank you for your reply! I’m retaking my first year sciences because I did poorly in them and McGill weighs those grades heavily on the evaluation. The rest of my undergrad grades are competitive. i would be doing nursing as a backup plan because I would really like to start doing some clinical soon and I recognize that it might take me a few cycles before I can get into med school if I ever do haha
  4. This is a very theoretical question, but am wondering if anyone has had experience with this. I have completed my BSc and MSc. My first year science grades weren’t great, so I am taking them again part time now. However, as a plan B, I plan to apply to the condensed nursing program at U of O which would start in May 2020. I would only be applying to McGill in the fall of 2020 after my prerequisites are all redone. Would it 1) look bad on my application that I would have started a whole new degree, and in nursing at that? 2) would I have to complete my nursing degr
  5. @petitmonstre111 thank you so much! Really appreciate it
  6. I know this is a long shot, but does anyone here go to or has gone to Carleton and applied to McGill? I would like to check course equivalencies but have been unable to get any information on what courses are equivalent at Carleton. McGill won’t answer that question, neither will Carleton, and their equivalency tool doesn’t have them listed. Or, alternatively, has anyone used Athabasca credits to fulfil those requirements? Specifically unsure about the cell biology and metabolism and molecular biology courses. (Yes I have checked the course descriptions for each course and
  7. Hey guys, I have completed my BSc (graduated in 2015), but am still missing some of the pre-req sciences for the U of O med admissions. Does anyone know if these can be taken and will be accepted if they were done on a part-time basis? I am a non-trad currently working full time so I can't exactly go back and do them on a full-time basis, nor do I need to do a full course load to finish the ones I'm missing. Thanks!!
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