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  1. It is an MCQ-based exam. The information session didn't add much more than the documents listed on the program descriptions.
  2. Thank you, that's a relief! Can you comment on the strengths/weaknesses of the program? Ottawa consistently has leftover spots after 1st iteration which worries me a bit, although I like their program on paper.
  3. Looking for ideas to answer this question on personal statement: "Provide insight into how do you see family medicine's role in the delivery of the health care in Ontario". I am not sure how to approach it.
  4. What about the quality of the program? Any major issues?
  5. I have heard mixed reviews about Ottawa's FM program and would like the input of current/past residents or others who are knowledgeable about the program.
  6. Looking for honest advice about the need to know French for any of the 4 main sites in the Ottawa FM urban stream. I have never been to Ottawa so I don't know whether there are unilingual francophones in the urban location or not.
  7. Looking up programs for FM right now and curious to know what are people's thoughts on the pros and cons of block-based vs. horizontal curriculum.
  8. I am applying to 11 FM programs. How much value does the personal statement hold in the selection process cuz really I could spend ages obsessing over them rather than prepare for interviews and such.
  9. Thanks everyone for clarifying and explaining.
  10. Can someone explain to me the concept of being on-call in a FM residency during your FM block? Does this simply imply that clinic hours are late till 8 pm, or are you required to deal with emergencies that arise after hours? But shouldn't patients with emergencies just go straight to the ER? Sorry I am a bit confused.
  11. And so what would be a GP oncologist's role as inpatient in gyne onc for example? Symptom management or chemo side effects I suppose? Also do you have an idea of what the renumeration is like say compared to hospitalist n BC?
  12. Thanks everyone for your input! Makes sense to rank primarily based on location then.
  13. I have noticed that a few programs are offering +1's in FM-oncology. Can anyone shed some light on the role of FM-oncology? Is it like you are rounding with an oncologist on all the inpatients? Or is it mainly clinic where you follow up on all the patients who are in remission? Any input would be appreciated.
  14. Any advice on how to gauge the quality of different FM programs across the country? I feel lost because surely all the programs will look great during the information sessions.
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