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  1. if the only thing you can loose is 200$, do it. Saving 200$ is not worth a lifetime of regrets. The pain of studying organic chemistry all over again tho...
  2. dealers do give incentives if you finance through them
  3. Can an American GIM with a PGY3 come practice in Canada without additional training?
  4. Almost every student in pharmacy school(at least in Quebec) work as a tech at a retail or hospital pharmacy during the school year. It's almost a must. The job market seems saturated in cities, but you can still find work(part time) or do some locum/replacement for pregnancies etc at first before finding a permanent position. You'll have commute a lot, but it's feasible. There seems to be jobs 30-40 minutes from the big cities(Montreal or Quebec city). As a pharm student, try finding work in a pharmacy owned by a group who owns multiple pharmacies, those groups are more willing to
  5. Read somewhere that some programs in the US kicked out residents. Was simply wondering if it is the same in Canada.
  6. Do programs kick residents out or intentionally hire more residents to eventually weed some out?
  7. Wondering what is the drop out rate of residents. and why do they drop out. Surgery versus ROADS versus family med.
  8. Why don't you consider a RAV4 prime? It's about the same price as the hybrid. The 2022 civic is a new redesign in its first production year, so I would avoid it (to many unknowns. fist production year is basically the phase 3 of a pharm trial).
  9. À Laval, tes cours complémentaires hors programmes mais qui sont obligatoires dans ton programme. Ex cours d'anglais. valent la même chose que tes cours du programme, donc leurs CRU sont calculés selon les critères de ton programme d'étude. Mais si tu fais un certificat ou quelque chose, je ne sais pas.
  10. some big box don't eg. The chain that starts with C I heard. That's what I heard from friends ranting about optos Mais serieusement, c'est où que je vais pour avoir un examen de 30-45 minutes? et ca doit couter vraiment cher non?
  11. 4 exam per hour x85$ each=340$/h minus overhead(some owners do not charge overhead because eye exams brings clients to buy glasses). As said by Keipop, selling glasses is what makes $$$$, the owners use optos to bring people in.
  12. There's a reason most rich people have a luxury car and a Honda or Toyota or something. They want a car they know will start every time needed. Honda fits that criteria, but Porshe, not sure.
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