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  1. Thank you for this! You’ve helped me finalize my decision. My supervisor has agreed to have me work in the lab until (hopefully) I get into med next year. So I’m quite grateful for that. And the one year masters program is a great suggestion I also hadn’t considered. Thanks again! This has greatly improved my outlook. Good luck to everyone else with their own situations. ☺️
  2. Is anybody else struggling with what to do for the year because masters programs are 2 years? I have 2 supervisors who have offered to have me as a grad student, but I can’t really accept because of the interview next spring. I wouldn’t want to jump ship on my Pi halfway through my degree. Just wondered if anyone had the same situation/any thoughts.
  3. I had a 131 and 3.58 and was given an interview this year. Nobody knows actual numbers but just work hard on casper and know that it is possible! Remain hopeful!
  4. I did this for Mac this year. I got a 129 in August so I quickly rewrote and got a 131 in September. Now I’m on the waitlist. People definitely do it but if you have no other reason, maybe try to open yourself up to other schools by doing the whole thing. I did Mac because it was my only chance with such a low gpa and my partner already studies there. Good luck with whatever you choose!
  5. For sure that does seem like too much work. Good point. Perhaps even just knowing how many are on the list would be nice though. But then there would still be uncertainty. Perhaps I should just learn to deal with the uncertainty instead of looking for more info to appease me haha. In any case, good luck to all of you!
  6. Before coming to conclusions I like to first understand why certain decisions are made. From what I’ve read, it seems like no waitlist details are provided because in previous years they wanted to prevent people from inferring their MMI performance. I guess that makes sense. But given that our waitlist position this year is randomized, I fail to see why releasing details should be avoided. If anything, the only outcome of telling us would be a great reduction in anxiety for several people. Can someone explain to me a good reason for keeping details secret. If there isn’t a reason, would it be
  7. Cgpa: 3.58 IP I get mcat marks back sept 10th and have a rewrite scheduled 4 days after that. I plan to rewrite if I got a 129 or below. Is this wise? Or would it be at all possible to get interview with 3.58 and a 129? Any thoughts are appreciated! This is assuming I do quite well on casper.
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