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  1. Athabasca just hands you a textbook and expects you to do all assignments etc. There are no lectures or modules to help you through. I did organic chem from Ryerson and it was good. I only did the first part and the teachers there were very helpful! Plus, the classes in summer allow you to quickly pass this course. That being said, it is only easy if you put in the work which is certainly significant for a course like organic chemistry. I wont say its easy but you will get a grade if you put in the work. Also, for laboratory component at Ryerson, you have to register it as a second class.
  2. Hey, thanks for replying. The issue is that my Ryerson transcript doesn't differentiate courses according to years. In this case, how do I prove that these courses are eligible for the described criteria?
  3. According to Western's DDS website, it says it will only count the 2 years if it is at a year level or above. The undergrad (Bachelors in Applied Sciences) I did is from Ryerson University (fast track for 2 years) and they do not rank their courses by year level (I have talked to them and this is what they have told me). In this case, how will Western assess whether the courses I have taken are at the year level or above? What can I do to prove the year levels? All most all the courses I took were required for me to complete (almost no electives).
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