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  1. Hey dude just hang in there. It sucks for all of us. My best suggestion is to stop checking this site and email non-stop, it will only make it worse. The hold up is definitely covid. The people on the committee are mostly active physicians and they are probably now working overtime. Everyone has family they are worried about, honestly delaying acceptance letters by just a few weeks is a drop in the bucket to what’s happening in the world right now April is flying by and we will have them soon enough
  2. Did you interview? Do you have any other emails they could have emailed you on? You could email them and ask but it is most likely just an email error issue with you, I would not worry about it. all they said in the email was basically to stay safe and the letters will be out in April.
  3. Lol this is certainly not going to happen. At the bare minimum the learning will all be done online or self-study. Zero chance of that happening
  4. Yeah I feel you. We submitted our applications like 7 months ago, the wait has been ridiculously long Having said that I am also happy they are taking their time as it tells me that they take their procedures seriously. I would hate to think they rush themselves and make mistakes with the scoring and people who deserve to be admitted are not Nothing to do but to wait! I hope the admissions people are in good spirits and not stressing themselves out, they have families and obligations too
  5. I don't think this will change anything to be honest, besides allow some people with low mcat scores to apply and simply increase the applicant pool The class acceptance average will always be around 509-512. If someone gets a 492 you are probably going to get a 1/10 in that section and being 9 points behind the class average is pretty much already a guaranteed decline or low-waitlist at best
  6. There’s a thread made on this and many people posted their verifiers were contacted, a few of mine were I know 4 friends who also applied and theirs were contacted as well. not sure what it means honestly
  7. Did you guys just take a picture of your drivers license/passport and upload it?
  8. Hey, just wondering how you know if they are okay with using a drivers license? my passport is about a 2 hour drive away from where I am right now lol
  9. rejections are sent out after all the interview spots are filled. could be a few weeks.
  10. no I don't think so :(. But you can call/send them an email to confirm. they will let you know
  11. OOP and IP invites are sent at the same time :( they wait until all the OOP people who were sent invites accept/decline their invitations. when all OOP spots are filled for interviews, then they send out the official rejections to those OOP who were not initially invited to an interview
  12. This is the email I got once I paid the 70$. I don't even see any medicine fee on the Dal online, I can't find it.
  13. Thanks, mine says received as well. Just with a different date and in Note it says paid by credit card. what is frap by the way?
  14. Can you show what you see on your dal online? What does it say for the application fee part?
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