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  1. My friend and I are both first year UOttawa Med Students and have mocked a couple students in the past. We understand how this is an important experience prior to having your interview. We noticed that the spots filled up very quickly for this sign up so we wanted to give more prospective students the opportunity to still have mock interviews done by uOttawa med students. Please PM me if you are interested. (just to clarify this is not affiliated with the above sign up)
  2. Has anyone heard from the school since the email they sent out June 3rd about clinical requirements?
  3. Just to confirm, if i graduated in 2019 and was NOT enrolled in a program during the 2019/2020 academic year I don't need to send in my transcripts right?
  4. Does anyone know what day we can expect to see waitlist movement?
  5. guys i also got in off the waitlist today!!! i cant believe it! i got the email around 1230!!!!!!!!!
  6. Does the waitlist only start to move after the 2 weeks are up? or is there movement before?
  7. What is UofTs waitlist movement usually look like?
  8. i think so. i just edited my post above. i got a waitlist email
  9. Stream: EN Time You Received E-mail: 7:38 "Created" Time: 7:37:37 GPA: 3.98
  10. Does anyone know if accepting an offer to a graduate program starting in September 2020 (as a back up) whos deadline to accept is before may 12th will remove my application from consideration at uofT med school
  11. Does anyone know if accepting a graduate school offer will take one out of consideration for UofT med school? (grad program not at UofT)
  12. I believe you have 7 days to accept from the date you get your offer
  13. I havent received my McGill feedback yet for this cycle
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