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  1. I really can't choose between the 2 programs! Guelph Pros: a smaller program, less competition, may be easier to acheive a higher gpa (i'm not sure) Cons: it contains more science courses which may negatively impact my gpa. not really known for research Mac Pros: known for research, more room for electives which may boost my average cons: a larger program, may be harder to achieve a high gpa, very competitive I would really appreciate any advice!
  2. Thank you so much for your thorough answer!. Regarding prerequisites, do courses like "Biological Concepts of Health" and "Discovering Biodiversity considered" suffice for medical schools' Biology prereqs?.
  3. Hello, I got accepted into both programs and I can't decide which offer to accept. My end goal is to apply to medical school. Laurier Pros: a small program and therefore easier for research opportunities and reference letters! - Mostly the social aspect of health so easier to obtain a higher gpa?! Cons: Transportation Guelph Pros: closer to where I live Cons: a larger program(more competitive and difficult to obtain research opportunities?!), I have to take physics first year (I did not take gr.12 physics). Harder to get a high gpa?! I would really appre
  4. Hello! my current grade 12 courses are: - Bio - Chem - Advanced functions - Business - human development (a social sciences course) - English - Calculus and vectors.. I'm really debating whether I should keep calculus or take it out since health sciences programs don't require calculus and it is not part of the curriculum. Would it be beneficial to take calculus during undergrad? is it helpful for the mcat? did anyone not take physics and calculus during undergrad and still did well on the MCAT?. I would really appreciate your input. Thank you.
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