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  1. Do you think that there will come a day in the near future when people/adcoms/employers, etc. will look at our applications and say "Oh...pandemic era student...next"
  2. I got rejected from Dalhousie 2 days ago. OOP; GPA is 4/4 and MCAT is 514. I'm a newcomer (have only been here for 3 years now) so I have no Maritime connection at all, and my maritime essay was more focused on why I would love to live and study in the Maritime provinces. I can't stop thinking about whether they rejected me because of my CASPer or because of the connection. If it's the CASPer then I'm done because my CARS score is horrible and that would only makes me competitive in like 1 school. I'm thinking about the US now but not sure if I can afford that, not sure what to do honestly...
  3. Bro don't make it worse I overthink about everything and would probably worry about this comment for a week.
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