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  1. Agreed with @beardedfrog, and don't feel guilty about it OP. Just let them know to not refer to you as a "teammate" or "coworker" and you should be A-ok. Good luck.
  2. I did! I used my London address postal code. My car is a 2019 model and is leased (but leasing vs financing/owning has no impact on insurance). And as @DrOttersaid I'm under 25 but I'm guessing you are as well given we've had our G license about the same time. I'm surprised the difference in an old vs newer car is this much. Oh well.
  3. Uh how did you get it for 115/month? I have no accidents or tickets in my driving history. What do you think is contributing to this big difference? How long have you had your G license (I've had mine for 3 years which might be short)?
  4. I've done a few car quotes and so far OMA is the cheapest at about 212/month. London campus btw.
  5. I got approved for just a bit more. Practically nothing. And I'm definitely very low SES. Idk. Now I'm wondering when the Schulich Scholarship gets announced.
  6. Worried I might miss something. I found this (application available mid-August) but I'm not sure if this is for med students as well. https://www.registrar.uwo.ca/student_finances/scholarships_awards/in_course/needs_based_awards.html
  7. I am seeing this in the application right now (it says end date Aug 26/22) Did I select the right program? I've always found OSAP confusing. Also a question for anyone reading this: how do we answer Do you expect to have other assets as of the start of your study period (Aug 30/21)? After I pay the 1st and last for my apartment + pay the first installment of tuition, I don't expect to have any savings and will be relying on my LoC. So, saying zero is fine right?
  8. They both automatically debit interest payments from your LoC and add it to the loan amount, they don't require monthly payments on the loan itself. "Grace period" is a bit of a misnomer if I understand it correctly, because you're still paying interest. Scotiabank converts the LoC to a personal line of credit that you can keep open indefinitely, so the "grace period" of paying interest only is basically indefinite. You only start making payments on the LoC after it converts to a loan. I think RBC forces you to convert the LoC to a loan 2 years post-residency/fellowship. Granted, I'm not sure
  9. This is what I'm in the process of doing. I will be renting alone. I'm still unclear about rental agreements, particularly my question #3. According to this, it seems that school ended (discovery week excluded) for class of 2024 on May 21st. If you wanted to stay in London after your rental agreement ended in May... what would you do? Do you start looking for a new place altogether? Talk to your landlord to extend your lease? Also, do most students live in the same apartment 2 years in a row - or do they move their things out during the summer and move in to a new place in August?
  10. Let this be a learning experience to anyone reading this, if you need a day off and it is non-negotiable: just call in sick. Look at what OP is going through. BTW OP, if you work have a union (I'm assuming you might because you work in healthcare), you should be able to call in sick day-of and even if your manager is suspicious you won't get in trouble. You pay union dues for a reason, they'll protect you.
  11. Or will our family physician create a document for us that shows we are vaccinated for everything in the checklist? Also what exactly is the ESPC thing? Is that a portal where we submit our documents/proof? Thanks
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