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  1. Doesn’t hurt to give the admissions office a call and asking. You may have to make a formal request and they could provide stipulations about doing this. Typically there has to be some significant reason/extenuating circumstance for them to allow you to defer an acceptance to a professional program.
  2. Guess it looks like a lot of med applicants applied this year too
  3. Oh yeah in province you’re right. That was one year though and I don’t think that is likely to happen again.
  4. True, but most people didn’t know that the change occurred so I don’t think it’ll be as big as that year.
  5. Yeah one year they had a lot of double applicants to Med and dent because there was no requirement of the dat (and neither for mcat) so it moved 25 spots. But that was a fluke year, since they instituted the dat requirement.
  6. there are typically around 7 out of province spots and most people like to stay close to home. Also typically the out of province candidates get in to their home province programs because they are good candidates, so there is more movement. Another reason is that Mcgill candidates tend to apply to both Med and dent so if accepted to Med that would also be a cause for movement depending on the persons preferences.
  7. About 10-12 you have a fair chance of getting in. But it varies from year to year.
  8. Not difficult at all. You are almost at the same playing field as Americans assuming all things considered are similar. There are a few nuances which mean some programs don't bother with Canadian's, but I'd say most programs do, especially in the northeastern US.
  9. Full time is 4 courses or more. You are part time if you take 3 courses in one semester. You’re fine.
  10. It seems there is still an advantage then to completing a masters contrary to what I had thought.
  11. Yes however unlike other schools there are more out of province spots (7-8) at McGill as a proportion of the total spots available (likely because of the proximity of Quebec to the Ottawa region).
  12. I think they place between 45-50 on the waitlist if I’m not mistaken.
  13. Its gone up past 40 on the waitlist in past years, but typically between 30-40.
  14. It definitely used to. They gave 0.05 GPA boost with a masters/phd. Not sure if this is still true or they keep this on the down low, because it is not advertised. However if there was a choice between two candidates with a similar overall evaluation but one had a masters/phd they would for sure choose that individual.
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