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  1. Do you think it will harm my application if I only complete 7 of the 8 possible ABS entries for Western’s application? I really can’t think of a second activity that speaks strongly to the Social Accountability & Responsibility cluster, and I don’t want to exaggerate an experience just for the sake of having 8 entries. I also feel like my remaining time might be better allocated to improving my other essays/entries. Thoughts?
  2. I was thinking of submitting my application on Monday so I have time this weekend to review all my essays. Does anyone know if there have historically been problems with submitting closer to the deadline (like OMSAS crashing due to traffic or something of the sort)?
  3. For one of my ABS items, I am speaking about my involvement in orchestras. I've participated in a number of different orchestras since I was 12, and there is no one single person who can verify that I've participated in all of them except one of my parents. Would this be acceptable? Western doesn't say anything on their website about who the verifier should be.
  4. Any idea what they are looking for with regards to question a) in the About You section of the application? a. Please tell us about a unique (non-academic/non-research) personal life experience(s) and/or challenges that are relevant to your application to medical school. Please also outline how you overcame those challenges, if applicable. If none, please state "none". I can think of personal challenges that I could address (mental illness, death of a friend, etc.) but I'm not exactly sure what they're looking for and I think I would struggle to relate those experiences to my applica
  5. Because it was only a one-time thing, it's not like I've been heavily involved in this charity or anything.
  6. I did a fundraising run recently for a mental health cause and raised $2000. Is this something worth mentioning in my Other section? Or would it look like I'm just trying to pad my sketch?
  7. My wGPA is 3.835. I'm hearing that the cutoff is determined every year based on applicant pool, but it is typically 3.85. Am I just wasting money if I apply to Ottawa?
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