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  1. Hey, So, your GPA has an upward trend which is great and looks like a solid MCAT diagnostic! There's one thing I think you may be mistaken on. "I'm going to be a third year applicant. I have a 3.89 CGPA (3.81 first year where I had medical issues making me go part-time for a little, then 3.97 this year). but I spoke with u of T where they will only look at my second year GPA since they dont look at any year with part time." UofT looks at all courses taken between September to April, regardless of whether they were taken full-time or part-time. It's just you can't have a wGPA app
  2. Is the September 15th deadline really strict to send for references? Or is it just a recommendation?
  3. Lmao I actually did that and was able to bring it down considerably. I'm not sure if you were joking but thank you for your advice!
  4. For the detailed sketch for UofT it says 2000 character max, but it also says 250 words or less. I have 300 words but only 1900 characters. I'm confused on what to do now lol
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