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  1. Ah ok, this makes more sense thank you for clarifying. I thought hmmmm I dont ever remember being told my ranking!
  2. They don't tell us what our weighted GPA rankings are or even directly tell us our weighted GPA so i dont even think its possible for the current student to know this tbh
  3. I know it sounds silly but I had a 3.89, and honestly I thought that cut off would hinder me but it did not. I know it seems like the same thing but in a pre-med realm where some schools round to the nearest 0.001 its clear that less than 3.9 were accepted!
  4. The first time I interviewed was on March 31st 2019 and I received the invite just over a month before hand (around Feb 25th I think), but other people only received the invite around early March for the same day so I wouldn't begin to get concerned until late Feb.
  5. I get what you mean but it is always worth a shot! I applied to 4 schools for one cycle in 2018 and only got one interview (UofT and then got waitlisted) and then 4 schools for the next cycle in 2019 and only got one interview again at UofT and now I am a first year UofT med student so it really only does take 1 interview and 1 admission
  6. UofT allows a 124 in any ONE of the sections so as long as that is your only 124 then you meet the MCAT requirement and you are not assessed competitively
  7. Maybe some upper year med students can chime in here but I have been sort of feeling this way too. My main question really is that pre-covid did Med students tend to go out/party/let-loose a little bit (when the course load was manageable here and there of course)? Everyone I have sort-of gotten to know is SUPER friendly and kind but everyone seems very professional/collegial and less like maybe peers or friends which is certainly expected as it is a professional school and school commitments should be taken professionally of course but I don't really know if this is a result of the fact that
  8. At the end of the day people that were compelled by her story (my self included) to help her out were offering their own money to support her. Sites such as GoFundMe exist for that very reason. Simply put, if you don't agree, you don't have to donate. If you would like to help, then go ahead. If you're in the situation to help someone out then sometimes it just feels good to do so. No one was hurt and no one was done wrong by and thus there really is no problem. This really is a 'let her get hers and you go get yours' type of situation. I'm happy for her. This must have relieved a lot of
  9. Hi EddieL, I would suggest making a note book of all your potential storylines for each BPE. Then for each of those story lines, write down/list every thing you could possibly say about that story line for EACH CLUSTER. If you do that you’ll be able to pick a) which story is best to go with and b) have a clear outline of what will represent each cluster with respect to that story. I did hint fairly directly to what I was trying to get across, but I would not recommend saying “this shows that I have ____ abilites from ___cluster”. I’m not affiliated with admissions and don’t know really h
  10. Yesandno, I apologize for the terminology that I used to describe your behaviour. I have been informed that that word is not tolerated here and I won’t be using it again. Moving forward I just ask that you do not speculate on what you assume to be the black experience and what we need and don’t need. If you do not know the struggle; it is not your place to comment.
  11. This was beautifully written and supported and explained very well. Thank you for taking the time to craft this response.
  12. Have you ever considered that maybe this year there were some stellar black, biracial, or mixed race applicants who crushed their interviews, have amazing GPAs, and a great CV? This smells a lot like the “well if I’m white and I can’t do it then certainly someone of colour can’t do it,” trope that we see far too often in any competitive professional or academic setting. Seriously yesandno, every thing you are saying sounds very rooted in jealousy. I know you said earlier that I’m policing your thoughts and speech (which I would never because we need to defund the police but that’s besides the
  13. “Move on, seriously.” — Spoken from a true place of privilege. Imagine being able to move on from decades of having your identity questioned. If we as BIPOC don’t call out racism and microagressions when we see them, then no one else will. That is why I always come after comments like these.
  14. Exactly what @Galaxsci said! I also used a HS French teacher and got in She spoke more about me as a person (as far as I know, I guess we truly never know haha) and she mentored me in a few academic related competitions so she could speak on my characteristics as a learner wrt feedback, work ethic etc. However, no one wants to see someone gush about how amazing you were with content developed for 15 year olds so just clarify exactly what aspects of you you would like them to comment on!! Good luck!!
  15. I promise you this is not an ill-intended or malicious attack on your post, but an analysis of your response through the eyes and experience of someone else. "So yes, people admitted within separate groups got in on their own merit, but their self identification or proven identification with one group provided a massive boost." = So yes people got in on their own merit but really not all. Again, you seem to point towards successes being tied directly to race and not merit. "Most BSAP admits, if they were Asian or East Indian, simply would not have had a file review." --> 1. How o
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