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  1. Another perspective here: I’m 23 and having grown up in the age of YouTube and vloggers and internet stars, I spent more time watching my fave YouTubers more than I watched movies or TV shows. Watching “medfluencers” actually played a part in inspiring me to enter medicine as career and I’m grateful for the ones I came across in my mid-to-late teens. Since I don’t have any connections in my family or social circle to medicine/doctors or even any forms of higher education, it made me feel like I had a “friend” or at least someone I’ve grown up watching a trusting that would give insight into th
  2. I did not prep over the summer. I just finished my first year, and doing first year entirely online was okay at first but by the last month or so I was absolutely completely burnt out, and I could not look at a zoom screen or study for another exam any longer. If I had prepped over the summer, I can say with certainty that the burn out would have occurred even earlier and likely hurt my learning and exam scores. I would seriously advise against this. Pre-pandemic, maybe you could get away with studying a bit over the summer and weaving in some fun things, but once school starts again, you like
  3. It is 4 years. All honors programs are in Ontario I believe, unless it is a co-op and then it may be 5+. It is pretty challenging, but getting a 3.85-4.0 at any school will be challenging IMO! Better to go where you can see yourself being happy and able to do good work, because if you aren't happy somewhere, it will be infinitely harder.
  4. Hi there! The truth is no undergrad will prepare you the best for the MCAT or first year medical school content, each one likely has its own benefits (however Mac Health Sci does seem to turn out a lot of 1st time successful candidates-- Though I know nothing about this program). What I can speak on is that I went to Waterloo for Biomed, and there are 3 or so other students in my class who also did. With respect to first year, I have struggled very little with the physiology and some of the pathology and have really felt like I have just brushing up on what I learned through my undergrad. I am
  5. Thank you for this info! Do you know if these programs still run during Covid times? And if so, where could I find more information about this?
  6. Thank you for your input! Do you know other than research what I could do that would help for residency and residency applications? My volunteering is unlikely to continue in the same capacity given the current public health guidelines, though it was quite unique. Also, I am still unsure of what specialty I am considering. I know that I very likely do not want to be a surgeon/in any surgical specialty-- I am currently thinking other GIM, Endocrine, ICU, Family Med, or FM + 1 emerg if this helps in terms of competitiveness and potential things I should be doing. Thanks again!
  7. Thank you for your perspective! It has been a bit hard this year finding things that I am interested in wrt to clinical research as I unfortunately did not do any research previously that I could continue, and the pandemic has made it quite hard to get exposed to new fields of interest (though I know this is not a solid excuse, as many people have thrived with online research, I just do not yet happen to be one of those people). That is great point you mentioned too; I really do enjoy working my old job-- its great socialization and really is what I have to thank for my soft skills that have s
  8. Thank you! I have heard this take on summers as well. I would have liked to travel and do a lot of things, but it feels like with the pandemic and the fact that we all must be at home anyways, there is more of an emphasis on continuing to build your CV and continue to work since the attitude seems to be that there is nothing else to do anyways. Thank you for your perspective! Also, luckily for me, the majority of the income from my old job is in the form of tips-- which doesn't particularly factor into my income in the same way so that is helpful.
  9. Hi everyone, I am looking for a bit of guidance here. I don't have any medical family or upper-year friends to ask this question to so I thought I would pose it here: what exactly should I be doing over the summer between first and second year? Pre-covid, I likely would have been working my part-time job and continued to do my hospital volunteering and other volunteer projects but they have been cancelled for the last year now. I don't particularly have any interest in doing online-research either as I have no experience and to be honest I cannot spend any more of this year putting in 8-16 hou
  10. Right now I would say that the first year 2T4 class is pretty 60/40 split between downtown and outside of Toronto since we had no mandatory in-person training. We were advised to be able to be in Toronto for the beginning of classes in august since we are supposed to be having a few hours/week of mandatory in-person learning (mainly clinical skills which we barely got any (see: none-- for some people outside the GTA) in-person clinical training this year. I am not sure if the 2T5s will be having inperson learning as well, however, we were recommended to move downtown come august-- So do with
  11. Hey @impartial_agonist I had been feeling the same way! A few months ago I actually just brought it up in a fairly informal student run session and to my surprise everyone had been feeling the same way. Out of that conversation I have actually made a great support networks and friendships. I know you said you’ve been trying and I full heartedly believe you, it’s really hard right now to make meaningful connections. I just started fully putting myself out there and found others eventually became willing to do the same. Any chance you are UofT student? If so— PM me and I’m sure I can introd
  12. Ah ok, this makes more sense thank you for clarifying. I thought hmmmm I dont ever remember being told my ranking!
  13. They don't tell us what our weighted GPA rankings are or even directly tell us our weighted GPA so i dont even think its possible for the current student to know this tbh
  14. I know it sounds silly but I had a 3.89, and honestly I thought that cut off would hinder me but it did not. I know it seems like the same thing but in a pre-med realm where some schools round to the nearest 0.001 its clear that less than 3.9 were accepted!
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