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  1. You should be fine! I did something similar. As long as no fall or winter semester has less than 4 and that you complete the missing "5th" at some point, it's fine. Good luck on your applications!
  2. Do you mean that you did 10 courses in first year, plus 2 in the summer (total: 10 courses)? If that's what you mean, your three years out of 4 would be eligible (there is one class missing). If not, I don't think you would be eligible.
  3. It's not about what job you had, it's about what experiences you draw from it. For example, working as a waitress in a restaurent can teach you how to deal with conflict or about efficient teamwork. I really don't think that no specific job is preferable. Maybe helping in a healthcare setting (with jecontribue) could be good, but any job is fine.
  4. I don’t think this info is available anywhere! That’s why you couldn’t find it. They only share how many total applications they had.
  5. I'm sorry to hear that... Best of luck for other schools or next cycle! Thank you for letting others know!
  6. I think that the majority of people get the good WL, so it's possible no one has posted that they have received a bad WT yet.
  7. Exactly! You can try to organize everyone's timestamp with their stats and see. But there is no official way to know how you are positioned on the waitlist. Some people get the based on your position it's unlikely.
  8. Voici ce que j’ai compris avec les marges... Techniquement, les intérêts sont payés à chaque mois. Sauf que tu peux payer les intérêts de ta marge directement par ta marge. Donc, les intérêts mensuels de ta marge se paient avec la marge elle-même. C’est du compound interest, et toutes les marges de crédit pour étudiants sont comme ça.
  9. Last year it was Status of application - Faculty of Medicine - University of Ottawa (well, in french for me). I remember the wait last year... It felt so long after my friends got their McGill responses and I was waiting on OMSAS. Especially with the pandemic and being at home, time goes by so slowly. It's getting close though! Good luck to everyone
  10. Health sciences is compared to biology (at least for Laval), which does not have a good IFG. I'm not sure if kinesiology is better though. You would need a very high average to be competitive for Laval and Montréal. McGill doesn't use IFG. So if you want to get into one of the french schools, it really won't be easy (well getting into med is never easy, but still). I did Health Sciences at uottawa. I had lots of electives (only 2-3 mandatory classes for all of 4th year). I completed the uottawa med prerequisites during my undergrad (gen chem, 2 orgo chems, biochem, stats, 2 bios) and many
  11. All the Québec francophone schools don’t require the MCAT. In Ontario, the University of Ottawa doesn’t require the MCAT for all the different streams (anglophone, francophone, CNFS)
  12. Peut-être que ce tableau de OMSAS peut te donner une meilleure idée? https://www.ouac.on.ca/fr/guide/omsas-echelle-de-notation/ Je ne sais pas ce que chaque uni utilise pour la conversion au Québec, mais ce tableau peut peut-être t'aider
  13. À uOttawa, on a eu le droit de changer toutes les notes qu'on voulait pour S/NS à l'hiver 2020 dans la plupart des facultés. Par contre, sciences de la santé nous avait averti que ça pourrait avoir un impact sur l'admission à des programmes d'études supérieures. Personnellement, je n'ai pas osé demander un S/NS, au cas où... Je pense que c'est un risque calculé selon la note/les notes que tu veux enlever. C'est probable que ça ne soit jamais un problème pour toi Aussi, pour uOttawa médecine, j'ai entendu dire qu'il faut que les cours pré-requis aient une note numérique ou une lettre.
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