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  1. Hey guys! Does anybody know if we have to pay the deposit as tuition deposit or as confirmation of admission on BearTracks?
  2. is anyone else refreshing their email and secondary med page every 5 minutes lol
  3. has anybody emailed them to ask when decisions will be released? i emailed them a while ago to ask if we can expect a delay due to covid19 and they said no
  4. In 2018, they posted a notice on the secondary med page saying that the decisions would be completed that week and they were sent out that week too!
  5. Hey everyone! I know there's still some time before we hear back but I'm going crazy with the wait and figured others are too, so I thought I'd start this thread
  6. i emailed them last week and they said that decisions should be sent as per the timeline shown on the website. if there's a change, an announcement will be made
  7. are they still sending final decisions in the first week of may?
  8. is anyone in toronto interested in practicing for the upcoming MMI?
  9. did everyone receive an email just now about interview accommodations?
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