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  1. Can everyone share their timestamp, stream and interview date? May be there is a pattern here!
  2. good point. Im just curious what the button means for other schools. Its appeared for most non-Mac kids after midnight but some still don't have it. It's also appeared for Mac kids offered admission. But all these Mac kids didn't have it before.
  3. Like last time, people might be confused what button we're all referring to. Especially since I've only seen one or two people make this claim.
  4. Seems like no button = offer - All Mac people with buttons before do not have offers - All Mac people with no buttons before do have offers - Most people waiting on schools other than Mac have reset button
  5. Here are my thoughts: OMSAS will update at 12 am tonight. Based on a previous post in this thread, OUAC has been doing that consistently for other professional schools. Last year, for people who did not receive the update at 12 and did the next morning, that was potentially a glitch since it was the first year of the new interface. Still possible that might happen this year. Worth keeping some hope. Were there a lot of people last year that did not see an acceptance but received one later in the day? I'm curious if it was connected to a specific school.
  6. may be the glitch was because last year was the first time the new system was operating? I know some people also had glitches last year with the submission of their initial application. if other professional schools have had OUAC update at midnight this year, I'm thinking there's a good chance that we'll know our status by tomorrow night....
  7. Wait so are we saying that OMSAS will release the acceptance status again this year because the interface is the same as last year's? I thought last year was a mistake ?
  8. Ignoring last year with the glitches and all, what time are they usually released? Are they released on OMSAS first or do we get a direct email from the school?
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