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  1. Woops my bad - I forgot the order of the scores and thought CARS was the 126! My point was that studying can get you a 130+ in all the other sections, but 130+ on CARS if it isn't one of your stronger sections to begin with might be difficult to do, and being weaker in CARS can definitely limit the number of schools you can apply to as opposed to the other sections. Being someone who struggled with CARS, I knew where my ceiling was and I wouldn't have bet on myself getting a 130+
  2. All other sections aside, do you think you could get your CARS to 130 and feel confident in doing so? I feel like that's the one section that really depends on your ability for it, and tons of studying may not change much
  3. I'm not really keen on adding my stats, but would like to share some advice for people who may have struggled with the interview Last year, I got regrets post interview with ~58 TFR, below average interview. A friend of mine with similar MCAT, TFR score and also a below average interview got Waitlisted, so I suspect that my interview was on the low end of below average. I was crushed because I left the interview feeling super confident, thought I had prepared as well as I possibly could have and got tons of good feedback from those who I had practiced with. Like all of you, I had been tol
  4. Perhaps they count people who have been put on their waitlist yet get accepted at other schools before getting an offer at Queens?
  5. I only interviewed at Queens, and did not have a button before. I now have a button. Anyone else similar?
  6. I realized my mistake! I forgot to tick the box that asks whether you received your degree when you add a new term. I mistakenly took this as being a box ticked to indicate your year of graduation. Just in case anyone else runs into the same issue
  7. Was just wondering if anyone could clarify the rules regarding dropping your lowest year? I am an OOP applicant who did my undergrad (honors) over 5 years. I have been out of school for a couple years. In my last year of undergrad, I only needed 22 credits to graduate (3.69 weight sum in application), so I don't think this counts towards my GPA. In my other 4 years of full time school, my first year is far worse than the other years and is bringing my GPA from what could be around 3.9 for my other three years of full-time study, to a 3.78 which is below the OOP threshold. Is th
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