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  1. Wooohoooo welcome to the class of 2025 everyone (fellow NB student)
  2. Like honestly, I like all of them except the Grey!! Great selection! Especially loving the bright blue, burgundy, and dark blue!
  3. The minimum you need is 3.3 cGPA with no lower than 3.3 in any year alone. But yes, you absolutely have a chance! Just work on trying to be a well rounded applicant by being involved in your community and pursuing things you enjoy!
  4. So, at the ceremony they do give you one. I ordered mine before knowing this, but I'm happy either way! I think the ones they give us are burgundy!
  5. If you want to go to Dal you can just pay your deposit (I did). But if like some others (especially OOP) are waiting for results from other Med schools, you can wait!
  6. The good news is, is that people accepted to both have to make a decision within 48 hours. You can't hold to acceptances at a time according to the Dal Med website.
  7. Rejected IP (NB) MCAT: 513 GPA: 3.6 MSc focused in cancer research, extensive and varied ECs. Was rejected post-interview last year with a 502 MCAT (CARS was bad) and told to improve. Unfortunately, did not seem to do the trick. That being said I was accepted to DAL Med so I hope a seat goes to someone who wasn't! Best of luck my friends!
  8. My first score was a 494, then 502, then 513! Resiliency is key!!
  9. IP (NB) ACCEPTED GPA: 3.6 MCAT: 513 I am 28, this is my third application cycle and I'm in SHOCK. I wrote the MCAT 3 times (with two really bad scores the first times) and almost failed out of my first two years of uni. IF I CAN DO IT YOU CAN. I am honestly so grateful and amazed that I finally got a yes after years of nos. I have a BSc, and an MSc with a lot of volunteering. I was very honest about my struggles and life experiences in pursuit of medicine. If you received a rejection I know what it's like. I believe in you!
  10. Mine too! Fix it by going into Google Play and updating your apps!
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