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  1. Well usually they ask for previous addresses and reasons for being there in order to determine your resident status. I also imagine that a) when you get in you will need to either confirm this is the case or b) if they ever found out someone lied they would be ejected from the program. That being said you could always reach out to Dal admissions to ask as they will have the most accurate information
  2. Why is that do you think?? I'm nervously waiting...
  3. Last year my MCAT didn't meet their eligibility and I was informed via email that I wouldn't be considered. I didn't even get a interview rejection, just a straight up you don't qualify email.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1355280804803776/?ref=share Here's a link for the Facebook group where we can coordinate MMI Prep!
  5. https://www.btb.termiumplus.gc.ca/tpv2guides/guides/wrtps/index-eng.html?lang=eng&lettr=indx_catlog_n&page=9CCaQYULtd9A.html#:~:text=From early November to mid,zones is one-half hour.&text=John's%2C which is on Newfoundland Daylight Time. According to this link, it's currently NST!
  6. I can create a private FB group and post the link here and we can all coordinate calls
  7. I'm pretty sure it's the same thing and the name just has to do with daylight savings time ending :).
  8. Hey Hey I'm down! I interviewed last year at MUN only (improved my MCAT score for this year).
  9. IP (NB) invite!! MCAT: 513 GPA: cGPA 3.6, BSc: 3.6, MSc: 4.0 Really grateful and excited!
  10. It was on the same page where you inputted your MCAT and essays/sup, but it's gone again.
  11. No, it's to upload government ID and a photo of yourself.
  12. I had the 3a/3b section and now it's gone again within the space of an hour. Not sure what's going on.
  13. That is a gorgeous score. You deserve that interview
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