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  1. Hopefully we get more information once academy selections are released tomorrow.
  2. Having completed a masters, I would honestly say the school nor the program matters. Coming from undergrad, it often seems that it does - I too, was caught up in that mind set. But now having finished - what does matter is your lab, and most importantly, your supervisor. They are ultimately going to be what determine your overall experience as well as your productivity (can you publish, will you be able to go to conferences, etc) for your degree. I've heard far too many horror stories about students getting trapped with bad supervisors. So I would try and see what kind of research topics
  3. Stream (EN/FR): EN (IP)Time You Received E-mail: 7:45 AM"Created" Time: Nothing shows up for this...wGPA: 3.94
  4. Result: ACCEPTED! (still can't believe it's real) Timestamp: 9:17 AM (email) wGPA/cGPA: 3.92/3.74 (don't qualify for weighted though - did write academic explanations essay) MCAT: 511 ECs: Pretty varied - lots of research, clubs, leadership activities. Lots of long-term commitments. No clinical/hospital volunteering though. Essays: Worked on them the night/morning of. But was happy with the responses - answered the questions clearly. Interview: Actually felt good about it. I was myself, and honest at each of the stations... all the interviewer
  5. I think I saw someone who gotten an offer from Western (on the portal not OMSAS), and have nothing on OMSAS (offer or button). So I kind of doubt it means much
  6. Interviewed at Uoft and Ottawa - no offers. But see the button now.
  7. Might as well go through with this, predict me as well - Uoft and Ottawa!
  8. Probably won't make you feel better... but definitely did that too lol. And have been cringing since every time I replay it happen lol
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