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  1. I haven’t received anything yet, has anyone else?
  2. I also have access to the time table and I'm confused because all of the classes except for one shows that there are 19-24 seats open, but then there's one class that says its full. Is that class open to non-med students too? I'm just confused as to why that ones full but the other ones aren't.
  3. Notifications from this thread are so anxiety provoking lol! But thank you for the information, nice to know!
  4. From my understanding waitlist is based off Z scores and not your overall total score so I’m not sure if this will give you an idea of your position on the list unfortunately
  5. I did see on one of the Ontario forums that an OOP is turning their spot down at Dal in favour of wherever they got an offer in Ontario, (maybe western? Can't remember) so hopefully some of you will see some movement soon!
  6. I got an automatic reply from the office, is there supposed to be more than that?
  7. My automatic reply also went to my junk folder, thanks for mentioning that!
  8. Do people receive confirmations that their emails saying they accepted the waitlist positions was received? I’m always paranoid important things like that don’t go through.
  9. Is anyone else confused about the delay, just because traditionally decisions would have been made before all the covid craziness happened? Thats the part I'm having trouble to understand
  10. I’m a bit confused about this, and wanted to ask advice before I changed my current course schedule. On the dal website, it says you have to carry a full course load in the three most senior semesters submitted for evaluation, so does that not include the semester I’m currently in? Just right now I will have more credits than I need to graduate from my undergrad, so was going to drop a class this semester, unless only being in 4 class (12 credits) is going to some how make me ineligible for the dal med program should I get in. does anyone know if this is the case/have any clar
  11. Did they say if they’ll even be sending them out this year, or is it just going to be rejection and invites at the same time I wonder
  12. Oh my gosh I just want to know if I "passed" the casper or not lol
  13. Any update on wether or not the emails have been sent?
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