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  1. FM is a 4 year residency in USA so that is another issue. Thoughts windsormd1?
  2. Is the billing different because you are 1 hour away?
  3. Is there a difference between rural and urban FM. Like hospitalist?
  4. OMG this was so helpful. I was mainly interested in gastroenterology fellowships or respirology
  5. I personally feel anatomy/physiology is more useful in medicine than cars (reading ambiguous passages). I feel it is useless to even have this as a metric to evaluate applicants. Anyways, do NS full length and timed practices (exam crackers 101) to improve your score. I know many people who went from 123 to 129 with practice. It is possible.
  6. Do medicine if you feel like it is your calling...do what your heart says..
  7. HI can we do GI fellowship in USA without step exam. Can we practice in USA after? Also can we do GI fellowship in Canada and practice in USA? How is the job market in Canada? Thank you MD Student from Ontario
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