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  1. The program has only been around for two years, as there aren't any 3rd or 4th years in the program yet. I'm in it's first year and I'm liking it so far. I don't know how it compares with Mac's health science and I don't think anyone can tell you that unless they've been in both programs. We have less electives than mac though, so if your interested in taking a lot of courses not related to health sciences it might not be the program for you. The health sciences courses however are interesting and engaging and I love it.
  2. Does anyone know how prerequisites will work due to covid 19? A lot of american medical schools require physics + labs, and my university is only offering a physics course without labs. Is the best bet to contact the medical schools?
  3. Hi, I am wondering if I can use AP credits as part of the prerequisites for medical schools. As in, I use my AP credits to get the course credit in university. Does anyone know what it will show on my transcript? Will it be a pass/fail or will it desginate it is specifically an AP credit. In addition, would american medical schools look down on these p/f? Thanks
  4. Hi, I am wondering if I can use AP credits as part of the prerequisites for medical schools. As in, I use my AP credits to get the course credit in university. Does anyone know what it will show on my transcript? Will it be a pass/fail or will it desginate it is specifically an AP credit. In addition, would american medical schools look down on these p/f? Thanks
  5. Both campuses are pretty diverse. Both programs are fine, at the core western med sci is just another science degree like mac's life science from what I've heard. I havent been to either school though so I can only go off of what I've heard.
  6. keep in mind opportunity cost. those two extra years you are making income. edit: removed living cost calculations but point still stands. economically it saves time and money to go to australia to do your undergrad if you are sure: 1. you definately dont want to specialize 2. you definately know u want to be a dentist
  7. Basically work very hard until you pay it off. That being said, I did a lot of research for a high school student going to australia to study for their 5 year programs. It's actually much cheaper going to australia as a high school student and doing their 5 year programs and coming back, than going through canada's undergrad and dental school, so a lot of kids who know they want to do dentistry early on will be making that decision to travel to australia and end up with less debt
  8. Hi, if I was a student who was aiming to maximize my chances of going into medical school in 3rd year (and to an extent 4th year as well), would a bachelors of science be more advantageous than say a bachelors of arts or any other degree? I know people always say that the program doesn't matter and only gpa counts, but anecdotally it seems that those that apply from science programs (and have equally high gpas) tend to more successful at getting offers and interviews into med. Is this true or just a result of a comfounding variable + sampling bias? Thanks and appreciate it
  9. mac health sci is a pretty good program, the average gpa in that cohort is 3.75-3.85, but the students they accept are really strong as well. They send a lot to medicine and dentistry each year. other than that, I would so it doesn't matter and even U of T is not out of the picture (from what I've heard from friends the difficulty is exagerated)
  10. Aww ok. I'm probably overworrying myself, its just that not many alumni from my high school go to Uottawa, so its a pretty unknown university to me. Do you know how many students per year in the typical health sci/biomed program?
  11. Is one easier to switch into than the other? I don't know which one I will honestly enjoy more so I'm thinking of entering the one that is easier to switch out of just in case, unless both of them are pretty rigid. Also, do you know how many students are in each of those programs?
  12. Thanks, how much essay writing is there in health science? English isn't my strongest subject which is why I'm asking. Which is easier to switch between? From health sci to biomed, or from biomed to health science?
  13. HI, I'm in Grade 12 deciding between going to Western MedSci and UOttawa HealthSci and UOttawa BioMed. Has anyone been to either of the programs? And if so, which one would you recommend if the goal was to be prepared and enter med school? Pros and Cons of each program?
  14. wow that really sucks. i guess ill try my luck with medicine then, which sucks since I really wanted to do dentistry but both careers seem to be around the same, except job outlook seems to be going up for medicine and downward for dentistry, at least from what i see
  15. I am currently in the process of thinking about applying to dental school, but talks of oversaturation are worrying me to no end and I heard the equivalency process plays a part. Supposedly the process was open in the past(?) but then it closed again, and finally reopened in 2010. Right now in the NDEB website: https://ndeb-bned.ca/en/dental-programs/historical-pass-rates , the rate at which dental graduates are being certified seems crazy. 10 years ago there were 664 new dental grads, 8 years later there are 1143. The dentist:population ratio has also dropped significantly in that
  16. https://www.doh.wa.gov/LicensesPermitsandCertificates/ProfessionsNewReneworUpdate/Dentist/LicenseRequirements Im on washington website and it seems like the licensure process has two parts, the education and the examination. the examination accepts NDEB but in order to practice u still need a dental degree from an accrediated american or canadian school. edit: at the same time though, the CODA website lists that whatever canada acredits, it also acredits: https://www.ada.org/en/coda/find-a-program/search-dental-programs#t=canada&sort=%40codastatecitysort ascending
  17. do you have confirmation on this? If so that would be huge news for people with aussie degrees since it adds a lot more flexibility
  18. Sorry I am a little bit confused. Is this thread talking about dentists from australia/ireland/america or dentists from other parts? I thought there was only 1 exam you needed to pass to come back
  19. I don't think so, I asked the ozztrekk admissions and tbey said the australian specializations can't be transferred to canada the way just a normal dental degree in australia can.
  20. Is it only OMFS programs that accept purely north american dental schools? Or is western and mcgill the only OMFS programs that have this requirement, or is there a website/resource I can look at to see all the specialties offered at each university in canada/ontario?
  21. they have a university fair happening on october 5th so you can try going there and asking them
  22. just wondering, what are ways I can outcompete someone for the seat? Better reference letters and resume?
  23. when they're going through applicants, do they care at all about what and where I get my degree? Say I apply to the same specialization program as someone who has a DDS from canada, do you know if they will prefer the one from canada?
  24. Hello all, I'm thinking about doing a dental degree in Australia and if I come back to Canada and choose to specialize, will they care about the fact that my dental degree is from abroad? I understand that it's possible to specialize, but I want to know from anyone who might know whether or not it will just be harder.
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