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  1. I have my interview Saturday, and while I'd love to attend the social events, I don't think I'll have the time for them (I have class the day before so I can't really arrive in Kingston earlier than Friday night, and after my interview I have some conferences I have the attend the night of, not to mention I have to go back to school for Monday which is pretty far). I know everything outside of the interview itself is optional, but will I be penalized at all for not attending these?
  2. How much improv are you allowed? For example if the actor is playing a friend ,are you allowed to be like "hey man, I've known you since the 5th grade when you stood up for me at recess against that big bully, and we've been friends ever since"? Since the prompts are often vague.
  3. What times throughout the day are interviews conducted? I'm assuming one round at 8:30 and one around 11:30? Also, how fast do slots fill up when sign up starts? Do I have to register the moment 8:30 comes?
  4. Apparently they all wrote the same thing for my "weakness"...I mean I acknowledge that it's kind of a blatant thing about me if you know me but still...how will this come off lol
  5. I know some US schools intentionally over accept, Taking yield % into account
  6. A friend told me that if you've received an interview, you've greater than a coin's toss chance of receiving an acceptance. Is it really true that acceptance rates post-interview are >50%? I mean, I don't wanna get my hopes up lol
  7. Hm I like that. If only I knew refugee advocacy groups existed, lol.
  8. Any of you that are ethically-inclined want to take a gander at this difficult situation in a CASPer test? I'm generally very good at finding out what the solution should be, but this one has me stumped. Lemme know and I'll PM you.
  9. I've often wondered if the accepted GPA/CARS/CASPer is noticeably higher among accepted applicants than among all applicants who applied. And if this is so (which it likely is), whether that can be attributed to the adcoms actively selecting for those individuals with better stats post-interview, or whether those with higher stats just do better on the interview.
  10. 3.86 GPA 130 CARS I guess the question should be more so "how much leeway do I have on my CASPer performance to get an interview invite"?
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