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  1. I used my mom as a verifier for a couple of activities and I was accepted this year.
  2. Alright so my plan is to decorate the backpack. Cover up as much of the yellow as possible with puff paint and sharpies.
  3. It’s such a gross colour compared to literally EVERY OTHER YEAR
  4. This is going to be the biggest upset since the pylon year
  5. I waited 4 years for a yellow backpack. I am devastated.
  6. They just changed their instagram profile pic. It’s yellow. Noooooo
  7. Alright so in the picture on instagram, the guy’s shirt has yellow stripes. Wouldn’t it be way too obvious if the backpack was also going to be yellow? Am I over thinking this? Probably. I also just reallllly don’t want yellow. But the other colours quoted in their story (for anyone who missed it) were grey, light blue, magenta, purple, and yellow.
  8. I’m all for that!! I would love some chill cafe study sessions to get to know everyone.
  9. Two emails were sent to your uAlberta accounts! With all of the classes and components being done online, I’m wondering about how labs will work...I was really looking forward to anatomy labs! And whether we will be allowed to shadow? But we should be getting a first year program document soon! Regardless, I’m so excited to start!!
  10. I applied for a rural position but I’m not sure if my town even met the criteria. I was accepted (GPA 4.0 and MCAT 505).
  11. Any updates? I was hoping that the CMA instagram account would at least post something with the official backpack colour options. But I haven’t seen anything!
  12. Just received regrets. I’m incredibly pleased with my stats though: GPA was 90.1, interview was above average, and my NAQ score was in the 75-100 percentile. Good luck to anyone applying again in the upcoming cycle!
  13. Hey friends! June 15 is the deadline for final transcripts with degree confirmation to be received. I had mine sent via email from USask this past Friday. My BearTracks account still doesn’t show that it’s been received. I’m starting to get nervous!! I’ve called a bunch of different numbers for MD Admissions, but all are going to voicemail. I’ve emailed the Office of the Registrar and MD Admissions to try and get some help. I attached a screenshot of my degree conferment to both emails so at least they can see that I am trying to get the document to them!!! Is anyone else in the same
  14. I had it in my head that third round offers were being sent out today. Whoops. Nothing for me either
  15. Doesn’t look like I got one either. Sad face. Hoping for the next round!
  16. Anyone else constantly refreshing the Admissions Blog?
  17. Fingers crossed we hear of some waitlist movement starting tomorrow!
  18. ermagerd I'm drooling over the blue...it's honestly my favourite colour!! Blue > Purple > Burgundy > orange > yellow
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