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  1. Hi all! I got into Mac's OT program and wanted to ask a few questions. 1) I just graduated from McMaster and have been working here, and I have the option of keeping the few jobs that I have here (which I've been doing to help pay for school), equal to around 18 hours a week. Is it possible to work while in school? I know placements can make that difficult and the workload is heavy, but is it possible? 2) Are placements generally in the GTA? I can't drive and I know the catchment region is far, and I want to figure out how/if I can make that work. Also, how exactly do placements work
  2. I think I might be throwing it in, too; thank you, everyone, for sharing your experiences! Just out of curiosity, from this point on, is June 2nd the last day we can expect for more waitlist offers or is it likely to continue past that?
  3. Probably a good idea. Night, everyone, and best of luck!
  4. Anyone hear about queens? Nothing on OMSAS and my portal still says pending. only interview so....I'm not hopeful but still sigh
  5. Hey guys, I have a kind of technical question for CASPer. I'm scheduled to do mine tonight, and was doing the practice test last night. My webcam works for sure, and its light turned on when I was asked to take a picture. However, for the rest of the test, my webcam light stayed off, even though I know it's supposed to be monitoring me throughout the whole test. Is this a problem with my webcam or something on CASPer's end? Just to clarify, the webcam definitely worked for the picture, and the test had permissions for camera and mic enabled. Thanks!
  6. I think I did end up putting 2045, you're right! I called to double check last week
  7. Hi! How do we enter the course grades into the prereqs for U of T and UOttawa if our grades are on a 12 point scale (McMaster)? I've looked at the conversion table but can't figure it out? For example, if I got a 10 on a course, which is around a 3.7 and 80-84% according to McMaster, how do I enter that? Thank you!
  8. Hi all! I'm listing a publication in research where I was put as the 2nd author, but I was only 2nd author due to us agreeing to list the names in alphabetical order. Do I still write second author? Should I clarify that it's in alphabetical order? Any thoughts? Thanks!
  9. Are they sent to the following address? Faculty of MedicineUniversity of OttawaRoger Guindon Hall451 Smyth Road, room 2016Ottawa, ON K1H 8M5
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