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  1. Location: IP GPA: 3.85 CARS: 127 CASPer: 4th following the chart, seems like I should have a good shot at an interview? but getting anxious seeing people with much higher stats than me seeming unsure haha
  2. I really do not understand why they are completely ignoring W20 grades. That was my last semester of my undergrad and was going to be my best (even before COVID). Now that will never count and will continuously make me disadvantaged in all future application cycles. Why wouldn't they just discount the semester if it lowered your GPA and keep it if it raised it/kept it the same?
  3. What are people's thoughts on the MCAT cutoffs this round? I had 125 in c/p but 127+ in everything else, decent GPA & strong ECs. I thought I got a reject from not meeting the c/p cutoff but it looks like there were a few with 125 in that section that got an interview. any guesses??
  4. i have a 509 mcat overall with a 125 in chem/phys. any chance in getting an interview? Everything else is 127+.
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