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  1. Result: Accepted Site Location: Regina (1st choice) Time Stamp: 15/05/2020 - 8:42 AM GPA: 89% MCAT Score: 510 Location: IP Degree: Just finished UG. Interview: Screwed up one station badly, but did well on others. Much love to all the people on premed forums as they have been extremely supportive and helpful throuhgout the process.
  2. @drdaydream To get such an outpouring of support even now, I am honestly so lucky to be a part of this community. Thank you so much, you're amazing <3
  3. Update! Hello Everyone, Once again, thank you for all of your support. My application was accepted. It truly means a lot to have such an excellent network of peers on this website.
  4. I'm in Regina if anyone wants to get something going! email at ridha20b@uregina.ca
  5. Once Again, you are all extremely helpful, and your unconditional support is truly inspiring. I've called the U of T at everyone's suggestions, and they are as kind and helpful as implied in the thread. Hope feels fleeting at times, but thank you all for giving it back to me :).
  6. To everyone who has commented, Thank you so much for offering me empathy and support. You are all lovely individuals who show me how lucky we will be to have excellent doctors like yourselves. I hope for the best, and I thank you all for keeping that hope alive.
  7. UBC Enthusiast, The fact you considered my feelings is truly touching and your words are a massive comfort to me. Despite the unfortunate nature of this circumstance, I cannot bring myself to be mad or disappointed with my professor. His intentions were still to help despite his own personal challenges. In a single sentence, you've reminded the profound impact empathy can have on another. Thank you so much. I will try to remember lessons you learn from hardship mean more than getting into medschool.
  8. Sorry to bother guys, I'm completely aware that U of T considers late submissions a measure of an incomplete application. Has anyone been in this situation before? Am I completely hooped? My professor had a personal reason for why the application was submitted, and he was informed by OMSAS when he called them this morning that U of T would choose whether the application would be accepted or not. I take it U of T "choosing" simply means rejecting based on the fact that the reference was submitted late. As of today it says his application has been "received," though I am sure t
  9. Ridersx, Thank you so much for such an insightful reply. That answers my question exactly. I will put what you've suggested to practice right away! Jah
  10. Sorry to bother, but if anyone has a few minutes, and knows something about the academic explanations essay, or has been accepted after doing one, could they field a few questions of mine. 1. How do they expect it to be written? Should it be completely historical in nature, or should it involve some measure of reflection on what we are explaining. 2. I've written two versions and if anyone could tell me which would be preferred that would be excellent. Thank you all for being such a wonderful community.
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