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  1. Thank you. It's funny this guy called me privileged when I had multiple run-ins with CAS/police as a child due to domestic issues while my parents were too busy fighting each other to put food on the table. But yeah I'm privileged because I said an internet opinion he doesn't like. I guess the "snowflake" stereotypes are true to some extent.
  2. OP asked for my opinion. I couldn't care less about what the polls say. Not everyone participates in such polls and there is always a sampling bias depending on the medium's pre-existing political affiliation, which will decide the audience/participants. If the liberals win good for their supporters, it doesn't mean my view is wrong.
  3. 1. It would always be nice to have national pharmacare. This basically boils down to a choice of the lesser evil question: higher taxes or no/little medication coverage. My guess is people who live on their parents' money will likely pick the politically correct response (they aren't paying taxes anyway, parents are), and those who have an income of their own, a family to feed would likely pick the other. 2. Yeah, a huge one. I voted Liberal in 2015 and that was probably the biggest mistake of my life. In retrospect I really don't think people under 25 should vote. Most people are literal
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