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  1. I could be in! Im interested in hearing what everyone is using to prepare given that the McMaster question bank is not going to be used.
  2. If you wouldn't mind posting, what were your quintiles?
  3. If you wouldn't mind posting, what were your quintiles?
  4. I think it might be. Just by looking at the limited sample size of this thread. Alot of 522+ 4.4+ OOP's were rejected and a few 508 3.9 IP's got rejected. I feel like those IP stats historically get an interview. But who knows, all speculation at this point.
  5. IP/OOP: IP Decision: Invite MCAT: 512 aGPA: around 3.9 Coefficients: couple socioeconomic
  6. No way, cool! Assumed that was the case because you applied to UOttawa and not UofM in the past. Makes sense though reading it back because you said that you hadn't written the MCAT.
  7. Interesting! Did you do your grad degree in Manitoba so that you are classified as IP?
  8. Never said it was competitive. I said OP has a decent chance at an interview. You dont have to have a 525/4.5 to get an OOP interview. Average of applicants who get interview invites tends to be 523/4.4 and you dont need to be average, you just have to be better than the lowest z score. You dont think it is safe to assume there will be a few 520/4.3 applicants to get an interview?
  9. I would say you have a decent chance at an interview. Looking at last years stats, someone with a 516 got an interview. Also, i have heard that as an OOP applicant if you get an interview it is very likely that you will get in because so many OOP applicants decline admission (and go to a different med school). Link to previous years stats: http://umanitoba.ca/faculties/health_sciences/medicine/admissions/8831.html
  10. Pretty sure it can be any 2 years. I think you have to prove it somehow though, so be prepared for that.
  11. OOP is insanely competitive. Unfortunately i think its pretty unlikely you get an interview. You can check out previous years stats here: http://umanitoba.ca/faculties/health_sciences/medicine/admissions/8831.html
  12. Ill start: IP MCAT: 512 AGPA: 3.9 No rural coefficient A couple socioeconomic coefficients No academic coefficient
  13. You also have to take the casper test. I would advise focusing on your classes, but the mcat is weighted way more heavily than agpa, so when its time to take the mcat, you really want to kill it.
  14. No way, congrats! Im taking the mcat again late september, so focusing on that for now. Any advice for prepping for the interview?
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