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  1. I go to UQ feel free to send me a message with your questions if you want!
  2. I went through the interview process at a UK school and ultimately decided on applying and accepting an offer for an Australian school and will be starting in the next couple of months. Feel free to send me a message. : )
  3. This is true, and definitely something to keep in mind. I'm more just curious if it is something other people would pursue if the cost wasn't so insane. My friends that are pursing PT are pretty split, some would want to stay in Canada for various reasons and some would be more than willing to go abroad if the cost wasn't so high, and would gladly choose to go abroad even if they got into a Canadian school. I think that going abroad would be such a unique experience and you can learn so much by studying in other areas, I would have a hard time saying no to going if I were to get accepted
  4. I think that it is 26 months over the span of 3 years! Between the QY and the Masters you would get a summer break. I was confused when I first looked into it as well. But number of months-wise it is not that much different from other programs, its just not done consecutively. Im glad that I could be of help! Good luck with your studies next year, hopefully it won't be interrupted too much by what is going on in the world right now.
  5. I know that one of the biggest drawbacks to people going to school in places like the UK or Australia is the insane tuition prices... but I'm just curious how many people would study abroad if money wasn't an issue. I personally think it would be a really cool opportunity and the quality of the education is comparable to Canada and if I don't get in anywhere in Canada its something that I'll probably look into a little bit further. So would you go? Why or why not?
  6. Montreal is beautiful and from what I have heard the PT program there is very good. I applied to this program, have not heard back yet but this is what I have learned while researching the school. When you apply to the program from an outside university you will be required to take a "qualifying year" which is essentially the final year of undergrad for the rehab science bachelors degree students (not quite but..)- so you will be attending classes with the undergraduate students in that program. From what I can remember I believe the only pre-reqs for the program were anatomy and physiology b
  7. Hi all, I am looking at applying to the qualifying year at McGill, I know they look at cGPA and mine is a little lower than I would like ~3.4/3.5. I am trying to decide if it would be worth it to apply. I haven't found much information on this site about what other's GPAs were that have gotten accepted. Any insight would be appreciated.
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