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  1. I’m in a similar boat with the PEI waitlist Bandersnatch. I totally understand how you feel! Let’s hang in there though and hope for some movement after tomorrow!
  2. Congrats on getting accepted off the waitlist! Out of curiosity, did you find out through email or did you receive a phone call?
  3. Anyone have info about the PEI waitlist and if it typically has any type of movement for MUN? Also a huge congrats to all those who got accepted today!
  4. Ok thanks for your response. I was curious if that could possible affect the admissions committee from meeting, but if they are mostly/ only working from home, then I guess today’s weather makes no difference:)
  5. Anyone know if Dalhousie is closed down today due to weather conditions? I’m not currently in Nova Scotia.
  6. Finally March Everyone! We have made it this far through the wait. So excited!
  7. I am still waiting also! I haven't heard much about PEI applicants.
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