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  1. yeah I was answering someones question about md phd offer
  2. I received and accepted an offer (not from Mac) and I do have the reset button on OMSAS
  3. Maybe I’m colour blind... is 2018 red because the picture looks like a dark raspberry pink to me? But I’ve also heard people say 2018 was red
  4. No there is no confirmation sent out after you submit your choice
  5. Anyone have guesses on the backpack colour this year?
  6. My prediction is that in-person classes won't start until late October. I have been really looking forward to O-week so that might be the biggest disappointment for me haha
  7. I was accepted and thought I completely bombed 2 of my 4 stations. I thought only one of my stations actually went well, and the other was around average. I convinced myself there was no way I could've gotten in considering how many bright people I had met at my interview. SO moral of the story.. I do not think we are very good judges of ourselves. Don't lose hope!
  8. Hi! Sorry if this is a silly question but does UofT provide a stethoscope for the stethoscope ceremony or do you have to buy your own? Thank you
  9. I heard (it was in one of the MD admissions videos if i remember correctly) that grad stream students generally get assessed later, so i don't think you guys should be too worried!
  10. For those of you that have had MD interviews this year, about how many interviewees were at your interview day?
  11. I answered this in the other thread (maybe that is the wrong thread?), but i know MD/PhD applicants received interviews for that date already
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